Paths towards the sustainability of cultural heritage

The Green Conservation 2023 will be an experience based on the interaction among participants by proposing a brand-new congress. You will witness ‘Open Forum’ activities, engage in debates, discussions, and meet with an international Cultural Heritage Community.
Prospective authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research abstracts and a 5 minutes video showing the innovations and highlights of their research!

You are kindly invited to submit your contribution to Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage 2023

Guidelines for authors

How to participate:

First Step: submit your contribution to participate in the Conference preparing your abstract using the abstract template (you can find it here) and completing the FORM.
Authors are invited to submit an abstract answering the conference questions or matching the topics. When submitting your abstract, please follow the guidelines below to what your abstract should include:

– an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study
– a brief description of the basic methodologies
– a clear indication of the major findings of the study
– a concluding statement

Abstracts cannot contain more than 500 words in the main body. Please, specify the name of the presenting author.

The extended deadline for abstracts submission is April 15th, 2023.

Second Step: Record the highlights of your contribution and submit your video now!

Send us your research summary using a multimedia file (5 minutes max). It can be either a video recorded using the smartphone or a video lecture recorded using ZOOM, PowerPoint, or a slideshow with narration. Regardless of which method you choose, the file should always  be saved in mp4 format. Your multimedia file should communicate your research, your products, or your activity to other professionals and experts in your field. The research you present can be a completed study, a work-in-progress, or a part of your overall project (e.g. a literature review).

The multimedia file will be published on the YOCOCU YouTube Channel and the conference website.

The deadline for video submission is April 17th, 2023.

Multimedia Formatting
The video or other multimedia files must include a title and respect the following requirements:
– All multimedia files must last 5 minutes maximum. This time includes the presentation of the title or any information associated with the video.
– The video must be in mp4 format. For any questions regarding the video quality or format, please, contact
– Is there music in the video? If so, you must provide copyright permission!

How to produce your multimedia file (check on the web)
How to record a video lecture with Zoom and PowerPoint slide check:

The Best Video Award!
The video contributions will be examined by a council consisting of private and public institutions and by companies to define the green methods, practices, or products that can immediately operate in the Cultural Heritage sector. The best contribution will win the award (500 euros) sponsored by Heritage MDPI. The videos will be published on YOCOCU YouTube channel. The selection will be based upon votes by the scientific committee and by the number of likes obtained on YouTube.



Third Step: Acceptance notice

The Scientific Committee will evaluate your contribution, considering the originality, the scientific value, and the innovation of your work. You will receive an acceptance notice, confirming that you can proceed with the fourth step and participate in the conference!

Fourth Step: Participation in the Conference

The conference schedule will be divided into sessions according to the submitted contributions.
The conference will be based on oral presentations (15 minutes, questions included). Every speaker will participate in a talk on the topic of the session conducted by the chairmen of sessions, and you will answer the questions from participants. The chairman will engender an open, educated, and unbiased debate on the topic of the session with the help of the audience.

The Green Conservation of  Cultural Heritage will be a hydrid conference: Virtual and on-site partecipation!

Oral presentations requirements:
Oral presentations must last 15 minutes maximum.
It is strongly recommended for all presentations to be provided in Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt), windows-based environments, or saved in pdf. Speakers wishing to use any operating system other than the above-mentioned must save the file in pdf.
We recommend sending your presentation in advance via e-mail to
Remember to:
– Include any multimedia file (e.g. movies) in the slides
– Use any theme, although we recommend dark text on a light background
– Provide your name, authors, and affiliations on the first slide, specifying the name of the presenting author.


Guidelines for attendants
Attendants should register using the FORM by April 20 th , 2023.